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The staff reporters, writers, creators, and contributors of IN OUR OWN VOICES are comprised of current students of English Communication Two and Advanced English Communication taught by Dr. Brian David Phillips via the English Department of National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan.

Current Staff

Vincent Bo

I am Vincent Bo, a sophomore studying in English department in NCCU. I think I am a slow-to-warm-up boy. It always takes a while for me to get familiar with new friend. Honestly, I am an incurable bubbleteaholic. I drink a cup of bubble milk tea every day and I like bubble tea with small pearl not big pearl (aka Boba). I know that drinking too much drinks is not healthy at all so I also exercise a lot. My favorite sport is basketball and I am now the alternate captain (captain in the future) of the basketball team in our department. In addition to training with our departmentís basketball team, I sometimes play basketball or do some weight training with my roommate. In my sophomore year, I hope I can study harder than I was and be a better basketball player who can lead our team to a higher level. Most important, I want to gain some weight and then to be stronger.

Jackey Chang

Jackey Chang grew up in the countryside in Changhua. Taipei has always been an ideal city for him to live in since he was a kid. Now, he has partly fulfilled his childhood dream and is currently studying English at National Chengchi University. As a sophomore student, he learns to try his best experiencing and exploring new things during his college life. Recently, heís reading books about history and anthropology, trying to know more about human and the past. Yet, he still wonders about who he will become in the future. Tired of being a pessimism, Jackey decides to think positively as much as he can, hoping optimism can bring a whole new perspective of life to him. Though heís not a talkative person, he is a good listener who can always be his friends company. He hopes to bring laughter and happiness to the people around him. The profile picture was he wearing a pair of paper-made fox ears dancing in front freshmen students. Most of the time, he can do almost everything to make people happy!

Zoe Chang

Zoe Chang, a sophomore currently studying English at NCCU, is an introverted girl who is always striving to make changes on herself so that she may become somebody she considers worthy of admiration, although she seems to fail all the time. Strongly fscinated by languages and literature, she enjoys learning new languages and being immersed in novels. In addition to English, German and Japanese are the one she is now dedicated to master. When it comes to literaure,the Japanese writer Murakami Haruki is her favorite, with his own unique and enchanting language. Movies and music are also attrative to her, for she believes that art is the most irresistable beauty with the magical healing power. The Best Offer is an Italian movie which appeals to her most in recent years,while she is currently falling into the spell of korean pop music. These hobbys mentioned above consistantly instill vitality into her life, serving as an nutrition that urges her to pluck up her courage for the adventurous life.

Tom Chao

Hello, I am Tom Chao, a boy who comes from Macao. I am a sophomore, studying in the English Department of NCCU. I am really excited about living and studying in Taiwan because I am addicted to Taiwanís night market snacks such as fried big squid, fried chicken and pepper cakes since the first time I come to Taiwan. The night market culture makes me love Taiwan so much! I have even planned to visit every night market in Taiwan. Besides enjoying the night market moment, I like listening to music, playing computer games and watching movies and animations during my spare time. I also like reading, especially the ghost stories, because the supernatural and inexplicable things are so cool to me. I like reading news too because I want to know what have happened in the world. As for my personality, I am introverted and quiet, that make me a slow-to-warm-up person. Also, I am optimistic and helpful. I am willing to help the people who are in trouble because I hate the feeling of disappointment and depression. I wish I could do my best and make this year meaningful.

Dabbie Chen

Hi ! I am Dabbie Chen, a sophomore in the English department from NCCU. I may need longer times to get along with new friends, but I am really welcome to meet new people! Since my dad is a photographer, I have this curiosity toward photography since I was little. And last year I got a new digital camera gifted from my dad as a college gift, so now I may not be really professional at photographing but I am still working on it! Also, I have great passion for music. I listen to music every day. When I am outside, Iíll be insecure without headphones around me. Music has woven to my daily life. Before high school, I only heard Western pop music like Taylor Swift (even though many people may disgust her private life, but I still love her music > <) and Ed Sheeran, but now I also listen to Taiwanís indie music! There are more things that I know and love, but I am still a 19-year-old college girl, who only knows few things and has hard time struggling to finish her degree. Iíll try my best to discover and broaden a brand new horizons!

Jeremy Chen

My name is Jeremy Chen, a sophomore from English department of NCCU. And the reason for choosing Jeremy as my name is that my favorite movie star is Jeremy Renner who stars as Hawkeye in MCU. To be certain, Marvel movies are my favorite movie series as well. Every time I watch them, I feel like I am a little boy, wishing to use superpowers to save everyone and those I love dearly. Even though magic powers donít exist in this world, Iíll never forget that belief of making our world better and that strong love of my family and friends. Other than Marvel movies, I love watching TV series and Korean dramas. Recently, I am fascinated by a drama called ďOnce upon a time.Ē It is the tactfully-designed plot as well as the rich imagination that allure me to binge-watching. And the Korean drama Iíve finished is ďWanted,Ē which describes a mother tries her best to rescue her son from kidnappers. As you can see, I am not an energetic man. All I want is to live in my comfort zone. But thereís an exception, my desire to visit Sherlock Holmesí museum. I will spare no efforts to get a chance for a precious visiting!

Sharon Chen

Hi, I am Sharon Chen, a sophomore studying English in NCCU. I come from Kaohsiung and love the night view of this harbor city very much. I am quite a strange girl who doesnít like to follow the main stream and enjoy my personal time very much. I like to listen to music from Japanese bands and explore the world by going backpacking and communicating with the local people. I am also fond of musicals, exhibitions, and anything that can be shown as a story. I usually take action as soon as I come up with some idea. Besides, I like to take adventure at foreign places. So this is why I seldom stay at the dorm on weekends. In addition to English, I am learning Japanese and German. Now, I am also learning tap dance and hope one day, tap dance will be another skill that can make me communicate with people. In the future, I hope I can expand my horizons with all my skills.

Silan Chen

Hello, my name is Silan Chen. I major in the English department in NCCU now. I think the like of English songs is the first urge to get in the English department. The very first English song I learned was ďLemon TreeĒ by Foolís Garden. Itís a brisk and easy-flowing song that might refreshes people. I love listening to the music and indulging in the atmosphere it produces. My hometown is located at Chutung town in Hsinchu County. Itís a small town but with several ethnic groups like Hakka, mainland Chinese, Taiwanese and the indigenous people of Taiwan. Take me as an example, my ancestors come from the Atayal tribe of the indigenous people of Taiwan. And my indigenous name is Silan Humi, which is spelled in Latin script system. The former part of this name is mine and the latter is from my motherís. So thatís also the reason why I change my original English name Tim into Silan. Then actually I donít have strong confidence in speaking English. I hope that in this semester I will learn more from Dr. Phillips and have fun.

Helena Hsieh

I am Helena Hsieh. Iím a stupid sophomore in NCCU English Department. I love languages, English especially because British accent is so magnetic and sexy. Thatís why the top three of my favorite actors are Alan Rickman, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Tom Hiddleston. My hobby is reading novels and listen to pop music cover and remix. I also enjoy watching crime solving TV series and drama movies. Basically Iím a indoor person, and hopefully I donít get fat because of that.

Amber Huang

Hi I am Amber Huang, now a sophomore in English Department. I am a short-haired girl who likes to read novels, draw pictures, and take photos. Whenever I go out with my friends, I keen to take perfect pictures of scenes, animal, and human. Besides, I love to find amazing food on the Internet, enjoying and sharing them with my friends. Every time I share food with my family and friends, my mind is filled with pleasure and happiness. Therefore, I even use the food pictures that I have taken as my laptopís desktop so that I can recall the pleasure of eating whenever I see my desktop. Watching food program is also my love. Although I canít eat the food in programs truly, just watching the food in TV makes me happy. I always watch these programs when I am exercising because by doing so I can forget the exhaust and achieve my goal more easily. Moreover, I like to rich my life with traveling no matter how far the places are. Traveling in Taiwan and abroad both make me experience a lot. Exploring different food, people, and cultures is one of my dreams, and I really hope to fulfill it in my future. Now the new semester starts, and I am looking forward to making new friends and experiencing new things.

Hallie Huang

Hi, my name is Hallie Huang. I am now a sophomore in English Department. I am a tall girl who loves to wear smile on face and brings laughter to everybody. Actually, many of my friends think I am a little bit sarcastic and like to play jokes. I have a huge passion on almost everything about eating, like watching eater competition, cooking series on TV, and exploring new restaurants. Whenever I got some free time, I would bring my friends or family to try some foreign food or newly open restaurants. For me, eating can bring lots of pleasure and is the most effective medicine to cure any sorrow and trauma. Besides eating, I also love to get along with children. During the interactions with children, I can always find back the simplest happy through their pure laughter and smiling face. Although it takes a great amount of patience to take care of a child, I still enjoy doing that. Thatís all about me. Thank you for reading.

Billy Kuo

Hi, I am Billy Kuo, a sophomore in the English department. I consider myself as an out-going and optimistic person who is willing to engage in conversations with strangers and make new friends. That being said, I was not always that sociable. Before high school, I was shy and quiet; I am more than willing to just stick with the few friends I had, and avoid any chances to go on stage. Yet everything started to change when I joined the popular music club in senior high. I started to do what I love. I begin singing, playing guitar, and even compose our own songs that can truly express our feelings. The humor gene living deep inside of me suddenly got ignited, and I became a guy who can really tell jokes and make people laugh. Besides music, I also love street dancing (which I learnt for two years in junior high), novel writing, and playing computer games. All of these hobbies above give me more confidence in myself, and I am grateful that I pushed myself to a zone I was not comfortable staying back then. And hopefully, I will keep on doing so!

Ariel Lee

Ariel Lee is currently a sophomore from English department of NCCU. As a bookworm who loves reading(especially novels), she believes literature has unfathomable magical power to change human history an civilization. "The Little Prince" and "The Stories of The Sahara" are two of her favorite books, because she hopes to own as clear eyes and a gentle heart as the Little Prince and travel as far as Echo Chen. Now she tries to broaden her reading to movies and dramas, and she considers traveling alone to be her next personal reading project. Aside from literature, she also enjoys music a lot. She likes to listen to music in leisure time and is now a Chinese flute player in Hua Xia Chinese Music Club and TFG&CKSH Alumni Chinese Orchestra. She hopes that she can share the beauty of Chinese music with people all over the world. However, the most enjoyable thing for her is to spend quality time with her family (including her lovely cat Moca) and friends. The memories with them are always unforgettable and special to her. By the way, she likes to write cards and letters to her friends, so she is excited about making more new friends and writing more letters!

Shelly Liao

Hello, Iím Shelly Liao. Iím a junior in English department in NCCU. Iím from Taoyuan. I love singing and when I was young, shower nozzle is my best microphone. Also, I love traveling because I like to experience a lot of new things. However, the common major problem for traveling is insufficient money. I, therefore, like to read because reading is also a great way to learn new things. Recently, I have been practicing Chinese calligraphy in my dorm. Promising to be nice to myself, I also brew tea in my free time. My ideal life style is to be a teacher in rural area to help students who are lack of resources, have my own piece of land to grow things on, and do whatever I want during free time. My dream is to stay healthy and sleep well.

Aileen Lien

I am Aileen Lien, a sophomore studying in NCCU English department. I have lived in Taipei since I was born. I've seldom put myself to the world to experience a brand new way of living. So this is and will be my short term goal that is left undone. I like to play volleyball, and I am currently a member in the volleyball team in our department. Though I don't really play that professional like the others, I just enjoy the teamwork me and my friends own in the field. I have to admit that I am totally a lazy bug. Simply, I just try to avoid whatever that seems to be way too troublesome. However, once I find out what my true interests are, I will show great ambition toward it as well as doing my best to fulfill it.

Annie Lin

Hi, I am Annie Lin, a sophomore in the Department of English. I am an introvert. It takes some time for me to get familiar with people. Also, I am a shy girl. Nervousness seizes me whenever I am speaking in front of a crowd of people. So my utterances often come without grammar. I enjoy getting along with little kids, from infants to pupils. Although theyíre usually naughty, we must be able to see the innocence of children from their behavior. For seeing their lovely faces, Iíve participated in three camps which were all held for the children in remote areas. I hope I could bring them more smiles on their faces and bring more laughter to more kids in the future. Besides, I love playing volleyball. Volleyball is to me what oxygen is to mankind. Iíve been on volleyball team of English Department for one year. What I look forward to every week is the nights our team practice volleyball. Dancing is one of the enjoyment in my college life, too. This profile picture was taken on the performance of my club. Though I am not good at dancing, it still brought lots of pleasure to me.

Lily Lin

I am Lily Lin, a sophomore in the English department of NCCU. People usually think I am cold and unapproachable because of my ďresting bitch faceĒ, but as they get to know me, they discover that I have a warm and friendly side too. I used to be a shy girl who is afraid of interacting with others, but I am trying to change myself. I like dancing very much. I learned Ballet, Modern dance and Chinese folk dance in primary school. And I learned Pop dance when I was in senior high school. After becoming a college student, I want to try different kinds of dancing, so I join the ballroom dance club in NCCU. I love dancing because it gives me the opportunities to express myself. I am introverted most of the time, but when I dance and see other people looking at me with admiration, I feel so happy and confident. When it comes to my academic performances, I should shamefully admit that I didnít study hard in my freshman year, and my speaking skills really suck. As the new semester comes, I will force myself to work harder to improve my English. And I hope I can have a wonderful sophomore life this year.

Stella Liou

My name is Stella Liou, a sophomore studying in English Department of NCCU. I like to eat. Every time I smell something good, I canít stop myself thinking about it. Basketball is my favorite sport. It feels great to have teammates and share the same goal Ė winning the game. So I joined the basketball team in our department. I learned many skills and met new friends who are also fond of playing basketball. I like to watch any kinds of movies. When I was a kid, I often turned on the television and sat on the sofa all day long. I found joy even when I was watching movie which is about mahjong, a game I have never played before. I have passions of collecting paper tapes. The beautiful patterns of paper tapes can always cheer me up although I have spent too much money on my hobby. I also like to travel. Traveling gives me ideas and inspirations that I never come up with when staying in the same atmosphere. In the end of August, I tried to travel alone for four days. It was a fantastic trip. I felt growing up after experiencing the world on my own.

Michelle Lyu

I am Michelle Lyu, a sophomore in the English Department of NCCU. People used to think I am the girl who is difficult to get along with because of my BRF (bitchy resting face), however, I am actually a amiable person. I am not good at musical Instruments at all, for example, I used to learn playing the piano and the French Horn for over five years but I could never finish one a song without any mistake. Despite the failure I got from playing the musical Instruments, I still have passion toward music, especially the Taiwanese indie-music. I love going to the concert of the indie-bands, unlike the pop stars, the band act very real on stage and even drink with the audience. I usually don't like NCCU due to the terrible weather, troublesome terrain and the annoying system, however, I met a lot of people who have same interests in NCCU especially in the English Department. English Department just like my home in NCCU, we usually drink together in our freshmen year. Although some people have their own works and seldom gather around, itís so nice to start my college life with this group of people.

Allie Tang

I am Allie Tang, now a sophomore in the English Department of NCCU. It is a little bit hard for me to make new friends since I usually have a ďgrumpy catĒ face. Also, I seldom talk to people who I am not familiar with since it makes me nervous and uneasy. Actually, I often cut the class last year because of laziness and the thought of escaping from the society. This summer, I went to the United States and took the summer session in UCB. I found that stepping out of my comfort zone was an amazing experience and it helped me improve my social abilities. In this semester, I will try my best to fix my problem. To be honest, I am a big foodie, especially for Korean food. Every time when my friends and I go to a Korean restaurant, we always can have fun in there since we drink a lot. (Koreanís beer is tasty.) And it is lots of fun to watch my friends get drunk because they will do many dumb things and I can take pictures or videos to record the ďpleasantĒ memory.

Pei-hua Tang

Pei-hua Tang is currently a sophomore in English Department at National ChengChi University. As a student who studies literature, she believes that every stage of life has its profound meaning and literature is the best way to express it; she also enjoys discovering and experiencing the beauty of literary works; therefore, she is delighted to study English literature and classics written in other languages. Besides, she loves to create something that can present her thoughts and viewpoint; thatís why she has plenty of hobbies about creation such as writing, handcraft, photography, and drawing, and the number of her hobbies is still increasing. Moreover, she is fond of pondering things and finding out the special quality of everything and everyone, so she is willing to explore new fields and meet different types of people to broaden her horizons. For now, she is looking forward to the new semester and hope it will bring more unique experiences into her life.

Andy Teng

Hi, I am Andy Teng, a sophomore in the English department of NCCU. I came from Taitung, the most beautiful place in my mind. I enjoy outdoor activity and the relentless sunshine in Taitung a lot. Thatís why Iíve got so tanned. When the first time people meet me, a inward boy who donít talk much always comes to their mind. Well, thatís fake lol. I could be a little bit shy in the first place. However, when you get familiar with me, with some perspective, I am crazier than you could imagine. This summer I attended a work camp and I met a lot of people from different people. After that, Iíve got to know the world outside my tiny living area is so vast to explore. I should never confine myself in Taiwan. As a result, I planned to go Work and Travel USA next summer. For this plan, Iíve started saving money for months. I canít enjoy fine food and restaurant so much like I used to do. And I have only 700 NT left for this SeptemberÖ maybe I have to learn how to get along with white toast in the following days. I believe all the suffer will worth it. Finally, in the coming semesters, I will study hard and hope I can have a good time with everybody: ).

Ruby Teng

I am Ruby Teng, a sophomore in the English Department of NCCU. I love exercising, traveling, baking, reading, a well as drawing in my free time. For exercising, I like hiking, jogging, volleyball, and table tennis. Exercising not only releases my stress but also gives me a sense of achievement. Besides exercising, I love traveling so much that I go abroad with my family every summer. Recently, I just went to Canada for about a month. This trip really inspires me in many ways! For example, I got to make friends with people all around the world and learn their cultures personally. It's really interesting to chat with people speaking different languages in English! The friends I made there are the best parts of my trip! In addition to Canada, I also love the magnificent fjords in Norway! It's the first natural landscape ever to take away my breath! It allowed you to calm down and throw away all your doubts! So I just closed my eyes and feel the moment. Above are all what traveling gives me every time I go to a new place. I learn something new, see something beautiful, and feel something incredible. I guess that's why traveling always attracts me. As for baking, I make cookies, pancakes, and cakes whenever I am free. I enjoy the process definitely as well as the satisfaction each time you finish a dessert!

Melody Tsao

I am Melody Tsao, a sophomore in the English Department of NCCU. I used to be a quite shy person who didnít dare to interact with others, but after I became a college student, I tried hard to change myself. And now, Iíve already made some friends, and we have participated in many activities, such as the English camp for high school students. I like to get along with little kids very much. Whenever I have an interaction with them, I can always feel happy and release my pressure. Sometimes, I even watch the videos recording some funny things done by children on YouTube when I feel upset. Apart from loving little kids, I also like to watch TV series. And because The Sherlock is my favorite one, the major character, Benedict Cumberbatch, in it becomes my idol. His voice is deep and smooth, which I like him most. Now, the new semester begins. I am looking forward to what Iíll meet, and I hope I can have a life which is more interesting than my first year in college.

Amber Yeh

Amber Yeh is currently a sophomore in the English department of NCCU. Born and raised in Taipei, I love to explore the city in different ways. Riding bikes on the streets is one of my favorite past time. I also like to visit the local restaurants to serve my big appetite. Now I am working as a part-time tour guide, taking foreigners to eat street foods in Taipei, which is such a challenging but interesting job. I get to introduce my hometown and practice speaking English as well. Another interest of mine is playing basketball, currently as a player of NCCU women's basketball team. I love English and hope to improve my speaking in this particular class.

Selina You

I am Selina You, a sophomore studying in NCCU English department. I am from Kaohsiung , where the weather is sunny most of the time. I love my hometown because I have my family and best friends here. Apart from this place, Taipei is also one of my favorite cities. Going through the the first year at university , I have gotten more used to the life in Taipei. Here I have made some friends and we participated many activities together which have made us closer to each other. It made me felt lucky to have these friends. Last semester I also began to work at a beverage store. Itís really a special experience. From that job, I met many customers and everyone of them had his own story. Sometimes they would share their stories with me. I was always glad to hear those various experience and viewed them as another kind of knowledge. The new semester is at the corner , I will continue to take the same job and I am looking forward to the people I will meet this semester. Everything is about to start, and I hope I can have an incredible sophomore life this year.

Scott Zhang

I am Scott Zhang and I major in English in NCCU as a junior student. I am very interested in linguistics and I have decided to become a language therapist in the future. It is meaningful for me to help kids with communication disorder; therefore I endeavour to study more about this fields. I am now learning Japanese and Thai as well. Actually I am a big fan of both Japanese and Thai cultures. I would like to travel there on my own with my language skills. I believe I would encounter more interesting things than simply communicating with local people through English. As for lifestyle, I would rather stay in my dormitory and play a lot of computer games, but it is important nowadays for everybody to keep regular exercising habits: Swimming is one of my favorite exercises and I go swimming at least four days a week. Besides, I used to go to the dance club during my high school and the first two years of my college life. I enjoy dancing to the beats and performing excellently in front of the audience, which brings me a sense of accomplishment (and maybe a little bit of vanity). Overall, I enjoy my life and I hope everybody does too.


Brian David Phillips
Faculty Advisor

Brian David Phillips is an educator, hypnotherapist, entertainment hypnotist, trance wizard, eclectic explorer, and quite a bit more. Based in Taiwan, Dr. Phillips is an Associate Professor at National Chengchi Unversity, one of the country's top institutes or higher education where his specialties include Communication, Theatre, Interactive Drama, Science Fiction, and more. Dr. Phillips is the Founder and President of the Society of Experiential Trance. He is an internationally recognized expert in Speed Hypnosis as well as an authority in several forms of hypnotic intervention such as intimacy enhancement hypnosis. Dr. Phillips lives outside Taipei with his wife, daughter, six cats, and one dog. In addition to his university duties, he performs the only ongoing stage hypnosis show in Taiwan and has a private hypnosis practice. He also serves as head pastor of a minesterial outreach program.

Visit Brian David Phillips at www.BrianDavidPhillips.com.

Quanah Parker

Quanah Parker is here as a placeholder for other entries. He is also great+grandfather of Dr. Phillips and so is highly respected in this context.

Visit In Our Own Voices at www.inourownvoices.info.

We may also accept contributions from former staff and others on an individual basis with supplemental staff positions as they come available.




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