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Welcome to another special issue of IN OUR OWN VOICES. This special issue has the theme of NCCU IMAGINATIVE VOICES. Students were asked to create an imaginative guided imagery of three to four minutes.

First, here's the full media magazine in one playlist for your convenience.

In Our Own Voices
14 December 2016 ~ Vol. 7, no. 3

See the full list of each piece included within the full media magazine issue at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLopHo4PMZEpwMSv5AED4RWaQusgfK0fHw.

Here are the individual pieces.

Annoyance Dropping
Aileen Lien


A Leisure Afternoon on Grass
Amber Huang


Sleeping on the Beach
Amber Ye


Little Puppy
Andy Teng


Soft Cloud
Annie Lin


Life of a Lazy Happy Animal
Ariel Lee


Into the Cloud
Billy Kuo


Swimming Pool Relaxation
Dabbie Chen


The Surprising Guest
Hallie Huang


Up in the Sky
Helena Hsieh


Cozy River
Jackey Chang


A Good Sleep at Night
Jeremy Chen


Strolling in a Plain
Melody Tsao


You’re your Mind
Michelle Lyu


The Gallery of Memory
Pei-hua Tang


Ruby Teng


Drizzling Riverbank
Scott Zhang


A Hot Bath
Selina You


Journey to Sky
Sharon Chen


A Long Lost Friend
Shelly Liao


The Blessing on New Year’s Eve
Silan Chen


A Wonderful Afternoon in the Park
Stella Liou


Flying Freely
Tom Chao


Comfortable Bed
Vincent Bo


Travelling Balloon
Zoe Chang


You can also find individual features via our Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/user/InOurOwnVoices. Be sure to click subscribe.




In Cooperation with English Department, National Chengchi University
Faculty Advisor, Brian David Phillips of Waking Dreams
Sponsored by Society of Experiential Trance