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Acting Voices
6 April 2016 ~ IOOV vol. 5, no. 1

The Media Magazine of
(Non-Fiction, Fiction, and Artistic Expression)

Welcome to another special issue of IN OUR OWN VOICES. This special issue has the theme of ACTING VOICES.

Here are the individual presentations.

First, here's the full media magazine in one playlist for your convenience.

In Our Own Voices
6 April 2016 ~ Vol. 5, no. 1

See the full list of each piece included within the full media magazine issue at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLopHo4PMZEpxGFWRY43mieSVhPDNA4SA8.

Here are the individual pieces.

Anita Chen’s Actor Profile of Colin Firth


Sharlin Chiu’s Actor Profile of Jodie Foster


Jen Chua’s Actor Profile of Jennifer Aniston


Jane Cheng’s Actor Profile of Tom Hanks


Evelyn Chen’s Actor Profile of Cate Blanchett


Josefine Petterson’s Actor Profile of Angelina Jolie


Tina Ho’s Actor Profile of Hugh Jackman


Oscar Jimenez’s Actor Profile of Jake Gyllenhaal


Tina Chan’s Actor Profile of Matt Damon


Wei Hsiao’s Actor Profile of Russell Crowe


Yvonne Yang’s Actor Profile of Will Smith


Jimmy Huang’s Actor Profile of Morgan Freeman


Samuel Hsu’s Actor Profile of Jim Carrey


Doreen Frankemoelle’s Actor Profile of Johnny Depp


You can also find individual features via our Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/user/InOurOwnVoices. Be sure to click subscribe.




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Faculty Advisor, Brian David Phillips of Waking Dreams
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