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Gaming Voices
21 November 2014 ~ IOOV vol. 2, no. 2

The Media Magazine of
(Non-Fiction, Fiction, and Artistic Expression)

Welcome to another special issue of IN OUR OWN VOICES. This special issue has the theme of GAMING VOICES, a special mini-conference held by graduate students in Literature of the Fantastic and Gaming. The presenters have each selected a topic to discuss which is a preliminary presentation of academic papers related to the subject. The video parameters are academic presentations between six to eight minutes.

Included here are the actual presentations.

First, here's the full media magazine in one playlist for your convenience.

In Our Own Voices
21 November 2014 ~ Vol. 2, no. 2

See the full list of each piece included within the full media magazine issue at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLopHo4PMZEpyYedqd6svm-UBkOV9AUodg.

Here are the individual pieces.

Ethics and Gaming:
The Unlikely Couple

Cheng-Lin Chung


Gaming in the Decadent Upper-Class Culture:
Mammon's Erotic Club and
Satanic Role-Playing in Metropolis

Clio Kao


28 Weeks Later
Sylvia Lin


Difference Adaptation from The Walking Dead
in Television Series and Comic

Alex Chen


Real Evil vs Mental Illness
Rachel Wu


Game within Game:
Agathe Christie's Dead Man's Folly

Betty Kuo


An Analysis of the Horror and Fantasy
through the Game Jumanji in Chris Van Allsburg's Pictue Book Jumanji and
Its Adaptation Jumanji

Susan Su


The Interplay between
Fantasy and Real Life in
Mobile Gaming

David Liu


Mediums to the Uncanny
Shirley Wong


Concretization of
Dream, Subconscious, and Defense Mechanism:
Inception, the Film and the Board Game

Demi Lee


Dante's Inferno
Adaptation into Contemporary Videogames

Sara Bovini


Merging Identities:
Performing Realities in
Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly

Ken Chang


The Game of Constant Killing:
A Deleuzian Reading in The Hunger Games

Parn Hung


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In Cooperation with English Department, National Chengchi University
Faculty Advisor, Brian David Phillips of Waking Dreams
Sponsored by Society of Experiential Trance