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Special Voices
15 June 2014 ~ IOOV vol. 1, no. 6

The Media Magazine of
(Non-Fiction, Fiction, and Artistic Expression)

Welcome to another special issue of IN OUR OWN VOICES. This special issue has the theme of SPECIAL VOICES. The reporters have each investigates special features story. The video parameters are nonfiction feature stories between five to seven minutes with an introduction and conclusion in the studio and content including at least one interview and at least some footage featuring narration. Reporters were asked to use absolutely NO music in their presentation.

First, here's the full media magazine in one playlist for your convenience.

In Our Own Voices
15 June 2014 ~ Vol. 1, no. 6

See the full list of each piece included within the full media magazine issue at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLopHo4PMZEpxiW4omStw9JSFg5PKLVdLA.

Here are the individual pieces.

Cat Cafe
Catastic Afternoon Tea

Eva Huang


Cat Cafe Educates
Tiffany Goh
Subtitles Available for Chinese Interview


Tabletop Gaming in Taiwan
Ragy Chen


Couchsurfing in Asia
Annie Auger


Clubbing in Taiwan
Nina Liao


Fleamarket in Taiwan
Vince Shao


PTT Social Media in Taiwan
Isadora Ong
Subtitles Available for Chinese Interview


Karaoke TV in Taiwan
Sharon Hsu


Turkish Night Boy Dance
Brian Lin


Golden Melody Award
Vince Shao


You can also find individual features via our Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/user/InOurOwnVoices. Be sure to click subscribe.




In Cooperation with English Department, National Chengchi University
Faculty Advisor, Brian David Phillips of Waking Dreams
Sponsored by Society of Experiential Trance