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Campus Voices
13 April 2014 ~ IOOV vol. 1, no. 2

The Media Magazine of
(Non-Fiction, Fiction, and Artistic Expression)

Welcome to another special issue of IN OUR OWN VOICES. This special issue has the theme of CAMPUS VOICES. The reporters have each selected a special person from the National Chengchi University campus to interview in regard to their specialties or special experiences. The video parameters are personality feature interviews between seven to ten minutes.

Included here are the actual recitations. Check the individual videos on Youtube for the poem texts.

First, here's the full media magazine in one playlist for your convenience.

In Our Own Voices
13 April 2013 ~ Vol. 1, no. 2

See the full list of each piece included within the full media magazine issue at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLopHo4PMZEpxt73E_wLoXi_VpkBjZd24e.

Here are the individual pieces.

Salsa Lessons at NCCU
Annie Auger


Teaching Chinese Opera to International Students
Tiffany Goh


Learning Arabic at NCCU
Eva Huang


Field Research of China's Indigenous Communities
Isadora Ong


Vince Shao


Chinese Literature
George Yau


Cross Straight Agreement on Trade Services
Alice Kao


Silly Talents
Brian Lin


Photography and Filmography
Nina Liao


Chinese Orchestra
Sharon Hsu


You can also find individual features via our Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/user/InOurOwnVoices. Be sure to click subscribe.




In Cooperation with English Department, National Chengchi University
Faculty Advisor, Brian David Phillips of Waking Dreams
Sponsored by Society of Experiential Trance