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The Media Magazine of
(Non-Fiction, Fiction, and Artistic Expression)

IN OUR OWN VOICES is intended to be a rather eclectic series of short "magazine" style programs. Sometimes the stories will be interconnected by theme and other times they will be more a hodge podge of eclectic concepts, ideas, and thoughts.

The "publication" schedule is not your typical weekly or monthly news program. Rather, we intend to go through spurts of activity followed by periods of inactivity followed by an active spurt or few and then a long hiatus as we wait for the next staff to take on the tasks.

The program itself is specifically a production outlet for students in the English Communication Two and Advanced English Communication courses taught by Dr. Brian David Phillips in the English Department at National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan, and as such is less a professional production than an eclectic forum for academic and near-academic artistic experimentation.

Themes are selected by the editorial advisor while individual stories may be pitched by reporters.

We also feature creative and artistic pieces.




In Cooperation with English Department, National Chengchi University
Faculty Advisor, Brian David Phillips of Waking Dreams
Sponsored by Society of Experiential Trance